Email Spammers (United Kingdom)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Kurt is yet another leadfag douchebag who ilegally buys mass email lists and spams the living fuck out of thousands of "business owners" in direct violation of GDPR, CAN SPAM, and dozens of other consumer protection laws This asshole sends auto-generated emails of random Indians pretending that "his team has analyzed your site" and offering to optimize your SEO as if it's still 2007 He previously did fraudulent email/spam harassment campaigns at Lead Hunter Report this fag to any web host and email servers he uses Read More »

Lee and his team of rando freelancers illegally buy email addresses and spam the fuck out of companies trying to sell "lead" services... yes spamming people in order to sell more spamming services, the most original business idea this decade Like all other leadgen services, he promises dozens of leads per week yada yada and it's all fake bullshit Update March 2022: major douchebag Lee is now threatening me: "My solicitor has suggested that I sue you for defamation unless this is removed immediately. I appreciate you may not have welcomed the cold email, however, there is no basis for your claim that I am a fraudster. We run a fully legitimate business, and we do not break any laws. We do not buy email addresses as you claim. We guess them, which is not illegal. We have served over 1,300 happy customers over the space of 4 years, including some of the biggest tech companies in the world. If the page is not removed within 72 hours, we will proceed with a defamation claim, which I am ensured that we will win." Read More »

Tania, the global marketing director for FT Live, had the absolutely retarded idea of illegally buying mass email lists and spamming thousands of business people with some grifter-spam "Business of Luxury Summit" conference bullshit trying to get people to subscribe Yah the classic get-rich marketing conference to grow your subscriber base... that's how low FT has gotten Report her spam to the FTC (and the CMA in the UK) which violate laws in both countries Read More »

Julian illegally buys massive email lists and then illegally spams the shit out of them using fake names and fake companies and fake web domains trying to buy and sell backlinks on his PBN network... which is ALSO illegal, as it provides endorsements for products without the legally required disclosures. His emails do not even have the required unsbscribe links... he tried hard to hide his name from his spam, but we found it easily DO NOT do business with this fraudster or your websites will likely be severely penalized or removed from Google. Report his spam to the FTC in US and CMA in the UK Read More »