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Email Spammers (China)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Beware of CCJK.COM (CHINA) SCAM AND FRAUD. DONT MAKE ANY MONEY TRANSFERS OR DO YOU GET SCAMMED I transferred 800 EUR for translation and they never delivered their orders. All numbers on the website are FAKE. Here are their real exposed names and numbers: Aron Huang +8615364080265 Samuel Chiu Ben Kuang Lily Li Charlie Xu Tahir Cindy Fu Dande Huang Alan Wang Read More »

Emma buys massive email lists and illegally spams the shit out of thousands of companies using fake names, and her website also claims to have a bunch of white people employees (all fake)... a fraudulent translation service out of China Read More »

internet beggar, full of lies, has a poor brain function. Read More »

Mark illegally acquires email lists and spams thousands of people pretending to be interested in their GitHub profile while actually trying to promote his crypo fintech services Update: In order to harass me, Mark has now spent the past few weeks impersonating me and creating fake accounts using my name and email address on dozens of website and signing me up for various spam and newsletters... this guy is not only a spammer, but also now illegally impersonating me and harassing me on a daily basis Update Feb 2022: this crazy Chinese cunt continues to stalk and harass me months later... he now created harassing profiles of me on GitHub ... and is emailing any web server (from jesse.nickles.abitch AT proton) that he can identity as using my free SlickStack LEMP stack software and telling them hilarious shit in broken English: "Let's see what Jesse Nickles is doing or was doing All of us will sue this bitch. His business will be broke. We saw you are using this bitch's product. Just alert you what will happen, you need to notice the risk. His Github repo:" This Chinese fucker won't stop spamming me, harassing me, and cyber-stalking me no matter what... Uncle Xi, please throw this cunt in prison Update Feb 2022: now he is spamming the Google takedown tools in Chinese: He also continually posts fake "negative" customer reviews of my company LittleBizzy on the extortion directory Trustpilot And another one: Update April 2022: Github has banned another one of Mark's harassing profiles: ... and another one: Update August 2022: Mark's trademarking infringment sites and have been shut down but their respective web hosts (who I will not mention)... he is now partnering with Johnny Nguyen to slander me dozens of times in the blog comments of which Johnny is promoting, also impersonating me using email addresses in the public comments He also continues to harass me using fake email addresses from (which have all been shut down) He also made a fake profile on Product Hunt to harass me: Read More »

Xunhui sends out mass email campaigns pretending he works at GitHub while trying to gather research for a Chinese university affiliated with the CCP (Communists)... please do not respond to any of his data requests Read More »

Alan and his team from China (and freelancers around the world) spam the fuck out of millions of Americans trying to sell their fake products on Lightinthebox (LITB) and related ecommerce sites... hundreds of consumer complaints around the web about these sites, usually about the products never arriving from China. In other words, a massive email spam and credit card fraud ring. No matter how many times you ask to unsubscribe they will keep spamming you. WARNING to anyone doing business with the people who work for these scammers or have in the past... report their fraud to FTC and local authories. Read More »