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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Mirko and his wife Zeljka run Help Net Security blog where they pretend to be journalists In fact they illegally accept cash bribes to write positive articles about scam artists like ZeroFOX Update: Mirko responded to my email claiming the content was not paid and he was just republishing a press release... when I asked him didn't he get money from Business Wire for publishing that, it's still paid content? He went silent... obvious they are trying to make the fake fraudulent articles look like normal news articles, which is illegal in Europe and the US ... when I asked him if he'd be updating the article now that he was aware of Zerofox's fraud, but he wouldn't answer that either! quite revealing Read More

Zeljka runs a "security" blog Help Net Security where she and her (husband? Mirko) pretends to blog about various industry news and topic... but in reality, they are soliciting money from various players such as ZeroFOX who he then writes very favorable news stories about, almost in the same format as a press release: Nowhere does she disclose having been paid for this content... it's consumer fraud to the max, their entire website, and highly illegal behavior in Europe AND the US Also goes to show you what type of bullshit company ZeroFOX is... an FBI contractor doing fraud all day Read More

James is absolute dumbass fraudster who thinks he's clever and high-tech by creating fake "companies" online like Takedown Reporting and then submitting hundreds of fraudulent trademark/copyright complaints to dozens of web hosting and social media platforms trying to get content removed that might paint his "clients" in a negative light, some of which are major Fortune 500 companies like ADP Report this criminal to the FTC, FBI, and local attorney generals, hopefully he gets arrested soon for impersonating a law firm and submitting tons of fraudulent DMCA complaints! May 23 update: James and his freelancers in Indonesia are now stalking me online, and have (predictably) submitted fraudulent takedown requests to Google for this page, and the accompaying expose blog post about his massive fraud campaign: Read More

Ari helps with the massive fraud/spam campaign that ADP runs sending illegal emails to thousands of US businesses from fake aliases and fake email addresses trying to generate leads for their programs... report this asshole to the FTC along with his colleagues Update May 2022: Ari is now trying to get this page deleted by submitting fraudulent copyright complaints to Cloudflare: Cloudflare received a trademark infringement complaint regarding: The information we received was the following: Reporter's Name: James Christopher Trademark Holder's Name: Reporter's Email Address: [email protected] Reported URLs: Original Work: Trademarked Symbol: ADP Registration Number: 4427965 Registration Office: WIPO Logs or Evidence of Abuse: Your platform is illegally using ADP Inc's name in the website name and is providing ADP Inc's HQ address and contact number in the domain. ADP Inc does not host this content. ADP Inc has requested the removal of this content. Please remove this content as soon as possible. Update July 2022: Ari is now submitting MORE fraudulent takedown requests to Google claiming we "doxxed" him for sharing the fake Gmail accounts his criminal gang uses to scam American citizens Update July 2022 #2... turns out Ari used to be in charge of BLOCKING EMAIL SPAM at Bigfoot Interactive, he literally went to the Dark Side: "Tactically, ESPs are building workarounds to deal with the problem and simultaneously developing strategies for the future. For now, Bigfoot Interactive’s Ari Osur says the company monitors inbound email in response to a mailing. It’s routed to a human being, who scans messages for challenges and responds to them. “You can also do keyword handlers on that reply mail [to find challenges],” he said. “And they would just go through and manually do it.”" Read More