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In case there was any doubt about how biased, corrupt, and disfunctional the FBI has become... well, FBI leadership was already aware for YEARS about Brian's misconduct with previous corruption trying to play games with the Steele Dossier and other anti-Trump and pro-Democrat propaganda, yet they didn't discipline him despite being referred for discipline. In fact they didn't even down-grade his position or responsibilities either, and then somehow in 2020 this asshole was again single handedly in charge of "reviewing" the massive evidence against Hunter Biden and co, and AGAIN he buried the FBI investigation. you can't save an organization like this without ripping it out from the ground up and starting again Read More

Scott is the hero FBI agent in the Sussman case who apparently told his superiors immediately (using his cybersec background) that the entire Trump / Russia email narrative was clearly a hoax... he discovered immediately that the "" domain was setup differently and later than the other Trump email servers, and even the WHOIS data was misspelled and inconsistent meaning that it almost surely was not registered by the same people/company Instead of listening to him and dismissing the hoax, senior FBI leadership decided to fan the flames of the hoax BTW if you're like me and wondering why Scott's internal FBI text messages talk about him setting up his own email server too, I'm certain he was being sarcastic in those messages to mock the hilariously bad skills of the Trump email hoaxer... the domain never existed ( Read More

Christopher and his partner James C. Foster are some of the biggest fraudsters in the D.C. metro. By some miracle of the gods, they won a $14 million contract from the FBI for "social media intelligence" and were so bad at their job that FBI agents now refer to their company ZeroFOX as "Zero Fucks" because of their absolute incompetence. Besides absolutely failing at their government contract, these fuckers also run a side gig for their corporate clients, where they use overseas freelancers in countries like Ukraine and Indonesia to submit hundreds of fake "trademark" (copyright) notices to web hosting companies for web pages they want deleted from the internet They impersonate a lawyer named "James Christopher" who doesn't exist (maybe a combination of "James" and "Christopher" and submit tons of fake legal complaints. Not only should the FBI revoke their contract immediately, these assholes should be indicted for their massive fraud operation! Read More