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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Hendrikus is now assisting the fraudsters at Newchip / Garibay Ventures by hosting copyright infringement of my blog posts on his web hosting company in Oklahoma, KVC Hosting. Anthony Garibay and his SEO spammers from India that he hired illegally duplicated posts on to try and hurt our site ranking or something (apparently they don't understand how SEO works) I submitted a copyright complaint to Hendrikus and his team, they responded (twice) acknowledging the request and promising the content would be taken down... and then, total silence. When I followed up a week later, they claimed my request wasn't "proper"... when I asked them what else they needed, they refused to respond. Illegal black hat web hosting, that is what you get with Hendrikus and KVC Hosting He also uses fake names like "David" or "Benjamin" to conduct business, trying to hide his identify from the company Read More

Anthony hired Vijay on Upwork to do his SEO spamming for him... he's now posted on Hucksters using fake names like "Pietro Comito" demanding that I email him about some secret information he has lol Vijay is also spamming Pinterest (they deleted it), Reddit, and other web forums desperately trying to post junk links everywhere to improve Garibay Ventures reputation, which of course is impossible, since Anthony is spammer and imposter who is now permanently exposed you shouldn't have gotten in bed with the conman Ryan Rafols, Anthony Vijay, bad idea getting involved too, don't throw your reputation away for these scam artists for just $8/hour Update: Vijay is now submitting fraudulent takedown notices to Google India for pages on on behalf of Newchip and Garibay... bad decision mate Read More