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So this is just absolutely incredulous... after 4 years of ongoing court proceedings, the US federal government is deferring prosecution of Michael, the worst spammer in American history who has been spamming/harassing/defrauding millions of Americans for decades now (since the days of AOL), with.... drumroll... a hilarious $1800.00 fine that the US government will pass on to a few web hosting companies Michael "lied" to in order to abuse their IP addresses with his spamming software... Literally, that is the only thing he confesses to in this "agreement" designed by federal prosecutors: Completely f*cking insane for anyone watching. This guy has made likely 6-7++ figures scamming Americans over the years, has enough money to pay for top attorneys for a 4-5 year long legal battle with the US federal government... and his punishment is... nothing. Yes, NOTHING. All he has to do now is probation, 12 months of not breaking any major laws. THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS when the US government is run by 80 year old dinosaurs who don't understand technology and can't put together a competent case against one of the biggest online scammers in history, after 4-5 years of research!!! Read More