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The Post Millennial (TPM)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Gregg is a total fraudster wannabe who steals other people's content on Twitter to try and grow his pathetic following. Why? Because he's a failed lawyer turned producer for Fox News and Tucker Carlson Tonight. He blatantly ripped off my exclusive research and blog post about Kychelle Del Rosario, who I discovered was the doctor who confessed that she purposefully injured a patient at Wake Forest Medical School because the patient made a joke about her "pronouns" ID card. ... I asked him to credit me, he "liked" that Instead of crediting me or retweeting my research, he simply copy and pasted into a new fucking tweet 5 hours after mine, and then got "quoted" by The Post Millennial's Libby Emmons (also a content thief): This is how so much of "conservative" media (and beyond) works... instead of passionately following a story, it's a bunch of grifters and douchebags fighting for attention using faux outrage pieces they stole from other people. What a dickwad Update: Update June 2022: Gregg continues to file tons of legal requests to Google trying to hide all kinds of links that expose his illegal behavior, you can't hide Gregg! Soon everyone will know how Tucker's producer fraudulently steals content from bloggers. Update July 2022: Instead of apologizing and crediting me and other bloggers for his news stories on Tucker Carlson, Gregg Re continues to double down in a hilarious and pathetic manner, submitting more and more desperate legal requests to Google to hide the exposure of his plagiarism. Here is his latest attempt, this time hypocritically claiming "defamation" since his fake doxxing/porno requests failed: Read More

Libby blatantly stole a story from my blog and published at The Post Millennial without disclosing my work was literally the source for her entire article: Ref: Ref: When I contacted her privately to let her know, she said "thanks for letting me know" and then proceeded to ignore me and refused to add a correction to her article... absolutely zero integrity or honesty. It's not surprising, since TPM is apparently made up of only 5 grifters on Twitter, lead by the grifter king Andy Ngo. Still, I didn't realize they were dishonestly copying content from other websites and refusing to mention sources like "journalists" are supposed to do. Don't believe anything you read by Libby, she probably stole it from other writers which is why despite graduating from Columbia over a decade ago, she's never worked for an actual media outlet, and is being passed around low-brow right-wing troll blogs as "senior editor" (out of 5 employees total) like the "thoughtful bitch" she proudly admits to being. Update: Update #2: After several days of back-and-forth, the CEO of TPM forced Libby to credit me in her article... ...Libby has yet to apologize, and blocked me. This, from the "EIC" of a magazine, is not how you earn respect Read More