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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


internet beggar, full of lies, has a poor brain function. Read More

Mark illegally acquires email lists and spams thousands of people pretending to be interested in their GitHub profile while actually trying to promote his crypo fintech services Update: In order to harass me, Mark has now spent the past few weeks impersonating me and creating fake accounts using my name and email address on dozens of website and signing me up for various spam and newsletters... this guy is not only a spammer, but also now illegally impersonating me and harassing me on a daily basis Update Feb 2022: this crazy Chinese cunt continues to stalk and harass me months later... he now created harassing profiles of me on GitHub ... and is emailing any web server (from jesse.nickles.abitch AT proton) that he can identity as using my free SlickStack LEMP stack software and telling them hilarious shit in broken English: "Let's see what Jesse Nickles is doing or was doing All of us will sue this bitch. His business will be broke. We saw you are using this bitch's product. Just alert you what will happen, you need to notice the risk. His Github repo:" This Chinese fucker won't stop spamming me, harassing me, and cyber-stalking me no matter what... Uncle Xi, please throw this cunt in prison Update Feb 2022: now he is spamming the Google takedown tools in Chinese: He also continually posts fake "negative" customer reviews of my company LittleBizzy on the extortion directory Trustpilot And another one: Update April 2022: Github has banned another one of Mark's harassing profiles: ... and another one: Update August 2022: Mark's trademarking infringment sites and have been shut down but their respective web hosts (who I will not mention)... he is now partnering with Johnny Nguyen to slander me dozens of times in the blog comments of which Johnny is promoting, also impersonating me using email addresses in the public comments He also continues to harass me using fake email addresses from (which have all been shut down) He also made a fake profile on Product Hunt to harass me: Read More

Kristin seems like a really nice lady but yet another testimonial that Johnny Nguyen publicly distributes promoting his "happy clients" even though her website is actually hosted by BigScoots, not JohnnyVPS. Are all his reviews fake or something? Maybe she doesn't even know that her name is being used by Johnny. Anyway her tiny homes blog The Wayward Home seems very cool and very well done... Read More

Gijo upvoted SlickStack on Product Hunt, followed me, loved my free script... I joined his Facebook group in return called WP Speed Matters and out of the blue, he found out that I criticized Rank Math SEO for embedding spyware (and sending me death threats) and he banned me from his group (mmm okay?) and told everyone in the group I was "racist" after hearing this from Johnny Nguyen (WPJohnny) who keeps repeating this because he is jealous of my Nginx skills or something... You can't make this shit up. The Rank Math SEO / Litespeed cult is real, and scary. We are at the point where sensitive egos and RACISSSMMM has invaded open source software! god help us Read More

Sridhar is yet another member of the Rank Math SEO cult from India, where they go around PASSIONATELY recommending Rank Math and trash talking anyone who criticizes the spyware it includes (or the mass amount of fraud their team commits)... because it's from India!!! And apparently some of these guys (thankfully not most) think it's their religious duty to support anything that's from India? I mean these Rank Math guys literally sent me death threats but apparently that's a positive in Sridhar's book... zero ethics, it's no surprise he also promotes the extremely bloated Oxygen page builder monstrosity Read More

Andrew, who I think did a great job back in the day of improving SpeckyBoy, for whatever reason is a good example of a Millennial web developer who was plugging "privacy" apps and just wanted the web to be more useful, and somewhere along the way started virtue signaling... he decided to "ban" me from the WordPress Hosting group on Facebook a few years back at the behest of Johnny Nguyen and Rank Math SEO, who were trolling my announcement post for SlickStack (literally a free script on GitHub) by calling me racist. Instead of telling them to cut it out, Andrew decided to blame me, the fellow white guy, to prove how woke he was or something. Sad. Soon after he stopped moderating the group. Guilty conscious, perhaps Read More

So a few years ago Jeff used a fake alias to "spy" on my SlickStack FOSS project on the Spectrum chat servers... he then got I angry when I mentioned we were trying to get everyone to have a real profile on the server. He didn't know but I already knew it was him, but I didn't say anything. Fast forward about a year and I noticed he complimented SlickStack on a public forum, saying it was a good script, but this was about the time that Jeff and Pat Gallagher were launching GridPane, so it was like he was trying to find caveats about SlickStack or something. Whatever, I didn't care, but I thought it was uncool that he refused to publicly mention how GridPane was partly inspired by SlickStack config. I forgot about all this until a while later when I found out that Jeff and Pat had trash-talked me on a Facebook group at the behest of Johnny Nguyen who had decided to call me "racist" after I mentioned Rank Math SEO had sent me death threats. I sent a polite message to Jeff on Facebook (who had quietly "friended" me) and asked him why he was trashing me behind my back, since it seemed to be a one time thing I thought maybe he was just joking or something. NOPE... Jeff responded immediately by saying "Sorry, when did I friend you? I will need to remedy that post haste... goodbye" and blocked me. So this dude steals my ideas using a fake identity, wants to friend me on Facebook, but then jumps on board with rando leftist who decide to slander me on Facebook? Apparently jealous, or blinded by his leftist hatred, or perhaps both. Jeff Cleverley + Johnny Nguyen is a perfect example of 2 rando leftists repeatedly joining forces to trash their industry competitors, just because they have different political views than them... sad Read More

For whatever reason, this guy Clinton decided to join in the fun at the behest of Johnny Nguyen and his "liberal" friends to trash-talk me for no reason after I shared a free open source script for Nginx in Facebook group. I have no idea why he did this. We're at the point as a society where people just randomly shit on free software because the volunteers behind the project might disagree with your far-left political views, and might not enjoy calling random people "racist" for no reason? Read More

I have no idea who this Madhu is but he joined up with Johnny Nguyen (WPJohnny) to trash-talk me on Facebook for some reason... then I searched Google and realized he was an Indian shill from Cloudways. I'm still waiting for a single trash-talker in the WordPress community to NOT be from one of these gangs that go around posting fake reviews of their competitors while illegally endorsing brands with affiliate links etc... sad and pathetic. Nearly all the few dozen people who trash-talk me are always from: Cloudways, Rank Math, Perfmatters, JohnnyVPS... and "helping" each other's spam/fraud operations, and nearly all of them are from India, too. And then they (predictably) call me racist for pointing out that fact... it's the only response they have! Maybe stop being the #1 source of spam and fake reviews in the world? They hate the fact that my (free) software is better than their (paid) software... so all they do is hate all day. Read More

Mandy seems like a really nice girl, though I was disappointed to see her posting pre-arranged fluff pieces on the AffiliateWP blog for grifters like Johnny Nguyen and JohnnyVPS... "you recommend our product and then we'll recommend yours".... sad to see established companies in the WordPress world still following this fraudulent type of endorsement scheme for link exchanges. Read More

Michael seems like a nice enough web designer from Malaysia, but he is yet another blogger who STRONGLY!! recommends JohnnyVPS hosting for WordPress despite not using that service for his own company (his site is hosted on Gridpane instead): It makes you wonder why all of Johnny Nguyen's AMAZING!! hosting reviews are from bloggers who don't use his hosting... weird. Read More

I can't speak to Kira's web design services, but like many other affiliate marketers she illegally recommends and publishes affiliate links for services like JohnnyVPS, Siteground, and Liquid Web without the legally required FTC disclosure. Read More

Max is yet another typical affiliate marketing shill who will take money to "recommend" brands and services even if he doesn't use them, without any legally-required Disclosure of his biased reviews. For example he decided to dishonestly review JohnnyVPS for a known WordPress scammer, Johnny Nguyen, calling that fake VPS hosting service the "fastest wordpress hosting" available, despite the fact that Max himself hosts his website on Cloudways (affiliate link included). "From my experience, JVPS provides the best performance out of all managed WordPress hosts. Just read their comparison reports comparing their performance to all the other managed WordPress hosts including Cloudways, WP Engine, Flywheel and SiteGround." You can't make this stuff up... literally quoted from his review itself! Another phony blogger adding zero value to the web. Read More

Johnny is a typical shill for a few Wordpress related brands like Rank Math SEO, Litespeed, and Swift Performance who doesn't actually know anything about computer programming or code development, so he just exchanges affiliate links and quid-pro-quo "endorsements" with other like-minded scammers. He didn't like that my company released 50+ free WordPress plugins (and the SlickStack script) for Nginx servers because Litespeed apparently performs worse than Nginx... so he started trolling my posts on Facebook groups saying I'm racist for having exposed all the fraud and spyware (and even a death threat) that Rank Math SEO was engaged in. More here: Wow: Just when you thought whiny virtue-signaling might stay out of the open source community, shills like Johnny showed up. It's really sad that your parents survive the Vietnam War and come to America, and then you decide to slander everyone as "racist" that is not helping you gain more affiliate link clicks. Thankfully 99% of Vietnamese refugees don't act like this! Update: Johnny is now leaving anon comments on his own blog claiming that I'm a "neo Nazi" among other smears. He doesn't even have the balls to trash talk a competitor using his real name... just straight to fraud, every time... the funniest part about his blog is that nearly every argument he posts he has previously taken a different or conflicting position on the subject in years past... he's like the Kamala Harris of WordPress Update Aug 2022: Johnny is now partnering with Mark Sea, the crypto scammer from China that I exclusively exposed, to post dozens of comments on WPJohnny and promote trademark infringing websites like and (thankfully, the web hosts shut them down after I alerted them). Johnny has lost already a dozen "positive" reviews on various blogs after my aggressive exposure of his fraudulent marketing, fraudulent "VPS hosting", and calling anyone "racist" who criticizes his Litespeed / Rank Math SEO shill gang... but he's too stupid to stop. ...after years of fraudulent reviews and spam, the WordPress community now sees thru the Litespeed / Rank Math scams, and Nginx and open source software are seeing a big resurgence in popularity (thankfully). Johnny is also now impersonating me in his blog comments, using email addresses... I asked him to stop, but he refused. Read More

Steve is one of the most honest and transparent people in the WordPress (++) community. He avoids affiliate links and quid-pro-quo dealings, and simply offers straightforward information, services, and experiences using his real name. All around very impressive, and rare. Edit July 2022: Apparently I spoke too soon... after Steve discovered I had complimented him, he went over to the WPJohnny blog (Litespeed et al shills) and publicly trash talked me... the content of his complaint was calling me "zany" for having complimented his blog's lack of affiliate links. You can't make this stuff up if you tried! It all makes sense now... Steve is a Litespeed user like WPJohnny... F security scores and all... no wonder he's bitter! The old boomer didn't even realize he had 2 LinkedIn profiles active. I have offered to help him out free of charge, but no response yet. Read More