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Democratic Party (U.S.)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


In case there was any doubt about how biased, corrupt, and disfunctional the FBI has become... well, FBI leadership was already aware for YEARS about Brian's misconduct with previous corruption trying to play games with the Steele Dossier and other anti-Trump and pro-Democrat propaganda, yet they didn't discipline him despite being referred for discipline. In fact they didn't even down-grade his position or responsibilities either, and then somehow in 2020 this asshole was again single handedly in charge of "reviewing" the massive evidence against Hunter Biden and co, and AGAIN he buried the FBI investigation. you can't save an organization like this without ripping it out from the ground up and starting again Read More

WE exposed Evan in 2020 for having illegally threatened and harassed opposing counsel (Trump campaign lawyers) Nobody in the courtroom was willing to expose this dumbie... why? apparently because he is black! Sure enough, Kirkland Law quietly passed him off to Senator Liz Warren in 2021 during the COVID pandemic and probably laughed their ass off they were able to do so without any media attention #BLM Now, a few days ago (July 2022) Evan deleted his LinkedIn profile after not tweeting anything since May 2022... why? Almost certainly he was fired again... did Liz Warren's team fail to vet this psycho carefully? All they had to do was check!! Read More

April is the far-left hacktivist who provided "DNS logs" she claimed proved the Trump Organization had an email server that communicated directly with Alfa Bank in Russia... despite more recent allegations that she likely spoofed/altered or generalized her research to make it fit her narrative, the truth remains that she abused her government contract by spying on private citizens at the root-DNS level or close to that (authoritative DNS servers are not accessible to anyone but U.S. government and their security contractors). Of course, several years later and she's never been arrested or prosecuted. Remember Edward Snowden, who did the same thing but for more patriotic reasons, who had to flee to Russia for a decade because the entire U.S. gov was hunting him down? Of course predictably as Sussman's case is heating up, April suddenly starts accusing John Durham of harassment... I'm sure in the months to come she will claim something like sexual harassment or continue to become more hysterical: Read More

Adam is the little punkass Wikipedia editor @KidAd who decided to singlehandedly delete the page for Rosemont Seneca Partners, the firm at the center of possibly the worst case of White House-connected corruption in American history. Why? because this 20? year old and his friend @AlexEng decided it was causing too many "conspiracy theories" lmao Adam went to The Marin School, which is $50k per year, where his mom is a teacher... his dad is a rich ass cop who worked for the City of San Francisco... these are the authoritarian little bitches deciding what information gets published on Wikipedia Update: May 18, Adam is now submitting removal requests trying to get this page deleted from Google results... sorry Adam, it's not going work buddy! This ain't Wikipedia lol Read More

I'd really love to know exactly what Nina did to quality as the Biden admin (U.S. government's) top "disinformation expert", a girl who was born in 1989 and whose life experience consists of having studied abroad in Russia one time, and writing a book about it. Yah, Russia is so entirely evil that they let you study abroad there and shit talk their country afterwards. These 20-something liberal experts on foreign policy always go straight to Russia because it's been the easy target for decades... notice how none of them become an expert on North Korea, Iran, or China. Why not? Because the goal isn't really about national security, it's furthering their anti-right-wing-nationalist narrative, and taking advantage of world events to slip in new opportunities like the Democrats new Ministry of Truth department announced a few days ago. Another great example of how qualifying as an "expert" policy wonk means that you flirted your way into a Fullbright scholarship, shit talked Russia on Buzzfeed in your 20s, and got an internship at the Wilson Center... life experience and pragmatism be damned, as long as you're from an elite liberal family and good Jewish girl. Yet another hilarious example of the incredible influence the Israel-Jewish-left-Russophobe lobby has in D.C. Read More

Eric is a perfect example of 21st century American corruption: not hiding anything, just using "charities" and "donations" to mask his blatant corruption and lobbying and activism in the Obama and Biden administrations... His fake "Schmidt Futures" charity, which is a slush fund to pay off Democratic officials, is literally paying the pseudo-government entity salaries of dozens of employees at Office of Science and Technology Policy (OTSP) ... who all happen to be ex-Google employees This is the absolutely state of the Democratic Party and American corruption right now Read More

He is still making anti Trump jokes and ignoring the fact that literally hours of his opening monologues have now been proven to be jokes in support of now disproven propaganda. I wonder what blackmail they have on him? What he has become is so vile and dishonorable it must be something big, like pedophilia or murder on camera. It's gotta be a terrible Vax-Scene around this evil propagandist scumbag. Just today he made a comment accusing Trump of extorting Ukraine for dirt on the Biden when now we know the dirt is true and we have Joe Biden on video bragging about extorting Ukraine to get them to stop investigating Burial. He is a disgusting propagandist compromised soulless hack. Read More

This narcissist who just "ruled" that Trump "had committed a felony while in office" (without a trial or jury, he just decided to up and declare this) should be disbarred for judicial activism When even the LA Times calls him out for judicial overreach then you know he's losing it Look at the photos he posed for looking at homeless people on Skid Row: Does that look like a balanced judge considering a case, or a politician at a campaign stop showing off for the cameras? David seems consumed with getting attention 24/7 rather than being a low profile man of the law Read More

Amit is yet another radical left-wing Democrat crony appointed to the DC federal courts... his ruling allowing President Trump to be "sued" by random far-left politicians at taxpayer expense for the "mostly peaceful protests" of Jan. 6 is utterly insane... in his ruling he literally quoted Trump's campaigning speech, where he said "march to the capitol and let your voices be peacefully... heard" ... as actually purposefully inciting violence, and that even though Trump was still president, he can't be seen as the president for... some reason? An absolute nutjob grifter, this asshole is a citizen of India by the way, how fucked up is our corrupt legal system that a random grifter from India gets to "decide" how (again) Trump's next election campaign goes? Update Sep 2022: This shitbag is now hiring freelancers on trying to get this page removed from Google... a perfect example of the grifting piece of shit he is, no morals and all about the ego, just like so many other "high class" Indians! Read More

AOC's unpredictable and often hypocritical grifting is often obnoxious as hell, like the time when she fake-cried and took photos at the US border "mourning" immigrant children in cages when Trump was in office (she didn't mind before or afterwards). That said, her refusal to toe the establishment line is occassionally refreshing and the truth is she has more balls than most members of the US Congress on either side of the aisle. Her criticism of Israel's abnormally strong influence over US policies, her defense of workers' rights, and in 2021 her beginning the process to stop phone apps from spying on users GPS location and selling/trading the data is why I can't ever despise her. She takes action instead of only talking about it (like most politicians do). Read More

Thank you Jamie for stepping up (again, when the GOP refuses to despite empty promises) to defend citizen privacy by beginning the effort to prevent apps from selling/trading/saving users GPS locations! Read More

Another nutjob leftist white lady who literally is harassing White Coat Project for exposing animal abuse because it's not convenient to the Biden / Democrat / Fauci establishment currently. Journo bitch with no soul, who could have guessed she works at WaPo? Read More

Apparently Lauren never got the memo that if she wants to call herself a "journalist" that entails investigating stories, not fabricating propaganda from the ground-up. Her latest effort at creating fake "white supremacists" to harm Glenn Youngkin's political campaign was just hilariously bad... you have literally all of mainstream media, Big Tech, and major Democrat politicians and operatives on your team and you still royally fuck it up lol Another useful idiot for the zero-morals wing of the Democratic Party, who is willing to whore herself out for disinformation pieces. When the first sentence of your Wikipedia page is a compliment, you know she's bad news (literally). Read More

Tanya is yet another of the record number of far-left "black" judges recently appointed in Colorado, a state with barely any black people (let alone black attorneys with experience that qualifies them to be good judges). She just gave the Clinton Global Initiative and Democratic Party machine a huge gift by allowing corrupt Clinton crony out of jail less than 48 hours after he was arrested on a tiny $25,000 bond (he stole millions from Americans in outright fraud). This is what happens when the judicial system becomes politicized with low-IQ dumbasses. Read More

Susan is yet another revolving door agent between Big Tech (Facebook) and the DOJ... taking money from both entities while ensuring that monopolies like Facebook don't get hurt. Is there nobody left in the US government willing to stop corruption? Read More

I can't imagine the CIA will ever have a worse director than John Brennan, a guy with absolutely bizarre conspiracy theories, neurotic behavior, and beliefs and morals that change constantly. Dude literally was a member of the Communist Party, and no problem he was hired as Obama's CIA director... he also randomly decided to "convert" to Islam, or so he says. Dude is a complete basket case that is obvious to even the least educated of Americans... what an embarrassment He has spewed more bullshit and spread more patently false stories than even the most aggressive Democrat operatives... enough said Read More

Jen is the perfect example of 21st century American "journalism"... for decades she has called herself a "conservative" while constantly taking up pandering center-left or far-left positions for the Washington Post... she offers absolutely no consistent logic, almost none of her "opinions" are based on facts, and she writes absolutely anything that D.C. bureacrats and lobbyists want her to say. She's the ultimate media grifter with no soul, no morals, and no pride, a wasted career in every sense Read More

Thank you Ms. Titus for taking a stronger stance on protecting wild horses in Nevada and beyond. It's incredible that decades after President Nixon signed law on this, the BLM has continued to abuse and slaughter these majestic animals. Please keep up the great work Read More

David represents some of the worst of American business and politics. He is the very definition of so-called crony capitalism, going back and forth between Facebook, CZI, the Democratic Party, etc with his revolving door corruption, evermore blurring the lines between public and private sector... he was also largely involved with CZI's involvement with illegally paying off election officials in various states during the 2020 election to allow Facebook more influence on how the elections were run in certain counties. Absolutely no surprise that the Biden administration is now hiring him... Read More

This psycho bitch wrote a public article for the LA Times calling her neighbors "Nazis" after they plowed her driveway of snow totally free of charge simply because they had expressed support for Trump at some point in the past. What a cunt... embarassing, LA Times. Read More

Moe spent 2 years harassing POW inmates in Guantanamo Bay for the US military but apparently thinks he can feign innocence and lie that he "quit". Now he's a far-left grifter teaching at Howard University and trying to become a politician for the hippies in Asheville, NC so he spews conspiracy theories on Twitter. What a pathetic fucking nutjob. Read More

Abraham is a far-left Islamist activist from Michigan who threatened to harm the children of Monica Palmer, a Republican canvasser who was concerned over voter fraud in the Detroit area, for not certifying the results of the 2020 Presidential election. This is how too many Democrat-Muslim politicians in Michigan treat their fellow Americans after being welcomed in (often as refugees). Following the lead of Ilhan Omar, apparently. Read More