Antifa (Terrorist movement)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Cory seems to be the main guy behind the website and some related sites and Twitter circles... I don't know why he tried to sort of pretend he's tangentially involved when it's fairly obvious he's the organizer? Read More

Travis is obviously incredibly smart and talented... and gets bored easily, based on his career history. He could have been a rich Silicon Valley CTO but apparently is too obsessed with politics and whatever else to focus on one thing for very long... That's okay maybe, a lot of geniuses are the same way What's not okay and rather crazy is that his former colleagues at Twitter still give Travis "elevated" API access to archive millions of old tweets and profiles into his own private database, funded by far-left government activists in Berlin Germany, so that Travis can focus on his passion of obsessively documenting every single thing anyone right-of-center has ever said online I mean dude... find your place in the world, please... he's in the top 1% of StackOverflow users and this is what he does with his time? Leave that stuff to us lowly bloggers and go code some apps that save the world for fucks' sake Read More

GO FUND ME can go FK themselves. Bad Karma is coming to all the frauds who selectively discriminate against young people like Kyle Rittenhouse, while allowing violent BLM thugs to fund things. BAD KARMA. Read More

He is guilty of Corporate Fraud, Wire fraud, Computer Fraud and Misuse, Obtaining money through false pretences and funding Left-Wing Terrorist organisations. He is a valid target for ANYONE civilian or otherwise to arrest under the local jurisdictions Citizens Arrest laws (Any Persons Arrest)... Read More

Just going to throw it out there also but I'm not sure how i'm connected to antifa????? I did attend the protests last year and did get unlawfully arrested but all of my charges were dropped. Sooooo????? And the "violent alcoholic" claims? Also not sure where you came up with that one. While I used to drink when I cooked I was never violent or had a problem. And I've been sober for almost 2 years now....Not sure where you are getting your information from Ian. Read More

Ian Frances is an absolute nut case. She published these comments after her and her ex fiancé had a bad breakup that she went pyscho in and had to have the police called. Shortly after that someone broke into her car and so she started publishing these claims in retaliation. She has never had any proof to back up any of these claims. This is Travis personally. I'll set the record straight any time. Read More

There's no other way to describe Tomasz than "identity crisis"... a Polish dude who studied in the UK but failed to complete university, and moved to Austria and tells everyone he is from Austria because he's embarrassed of being Polish, or something. He formerly was a fierce advocate of "free speech" but at some point decided he was trans/furry and became a far-left social media poster which apparently gave him more of the attention he craved, and began supporting censorship and harassment of right-of-center people and platforms such as Parler... this kid is a walking picture of cognitive dissonance and insecurity Read More

How ironic that Brittany is a journalism student and yet instead of reporting on the insane BLM riots, she decided to join in and then attacked "counter" protestors... not a good look for Howard University tbh Read More

Eric is like a high-IQ man child who never grew up, and has super secret "chat rooms" with Antifa and the Pirate Party of Germany trying to plot the overthrow of non-existent "fascist" powers... I mean how the fuck does a 50 year old anarchist geek get a job with Dominion Voting, the largest voting machine company in America... and then promise he's going to use his programming skills to ensure that Donald Trump never gets reelected again? And then he's spotted at the most suspect (corrupt) voting location during the 2020 election? This guy has shit loads of stuff that he's not telling the public... he needs to stay the hell away from any government contracts Read More

This guy came and broke my little sister’s car windows out with a hammer all over my nephew’s car seat a week before his first arrest. He has intense anger problems and is an alcoholic. Be careful around him. Read More

Nutty far-left feminist clown who took over running SEOMoz after Rand Fishkin peaced out, spams Black Lives Matter terrorist propaganda into business clients inboxes. Read More

Jess is a far-left SJW who founded the blogging community, but after raising several million dollars in funding she decided to use the platform to spam thousands of web developers leftist propaganda about Hillary Clinton, Antifa riots, LGBT, and beyond. A sad yet predictable situation when you put a nutty activist who moved to Brooklyn to look hip in charge of a programming platform... Read More