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ZeroFOX (James Foster) Takedown Fraud Exposed

We reached out to James Foster, Ari Osur, and the FBI and will update this story if we hear back from them. Hucksters can exclusively reveal that an ongoing campaign sending out fraudulent copyright/trademark takedown requests to hundreds of websites on behalf of major American corporations is being managed by James Christopher Foster and his […]

Prolific Craigslist “Carfax” Scammer Exposed

Hucksters can exclusively reveal the man behind a years-long scam targeting thousands of Craigslist users who were buying and selling used vehicles, and asked to “order” a vehicle history report from one of dozens of temporary websites used in the scheme. The mastermind is Hairuddin Ali, a Muslim Indonesian man who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia […]

Veteran GOP Spammer Darian Rafie Exposed

Hucksters can exclusively reveal some of the ongoing illegal email spam campaigns being managed by Darian Rafie, a veteran marketing consulting and evangelical Christian who has been assisting big-name Republican politicians, as well as small-time local churches. Although Rafie has been involved in email marketing for many years — much of which we have little […]

Trans Parler.com “Hacker” Donk Enby Exposed

Hucksters can reveal some exclusive details about the Parler “hacker” known as @donk_enby that have never been published before, however during our research we realized that Joey Camp had already discovered her name a few days before us. Donk Enby, who’s following on Twitter has exploded in recent months, is a Polish citizen named Tomasz […]

Malaysian government behind “Telebiz” spam

Below is a brief look into how adversarial governments are invading your inbox with fraudulent email spam. Update May 2022: Now using brand names: Surogou Update April 2022: Now using brand names: JilTel, Pivot Over Update Feb 2022: Now using brand names: Mobiletelecommunication Update September 2021: Now using brand names: Telecomroad Update August 2021: Now […]

Rachel Hawkins exposed as @YAWhispers bully

Both the @YaWhispers and @LadyHawkins accounts blocked us on Twitter after we contacted them. Ms. Hawkins own literary agent, Holly Root, also had not responded to our email before time of publication. Hucksters can exclusively reveal that young adult fiction writer Rachel Hawkins is the person behind the infamous @YaWhispers account on Twitter who has […]

Kirkland lawyer who threatened Trump exposed

At time of publishing, Turnage had not yet responded to request for comment. Hucksters can exclusively reveal which “associate” attorney from the Kirkland & Ellis law firm in D.C. was the one that called Trump campaign lawyer Linda Kerns in Pennsylvania and left her threatening voicemails as part of a harassment campaign. Kerns, along with […]

X22 Report “QAnon” conspiracy figure exposed

Update Feb 15, 2021: It has been brought to our attention that some of the data we found scraped by a third-party domain (it was dead at the time of our research, but we found incomplete snippets still in the Google cache) was actually research done by ne0ndistraction on GitHub. Therefore, this expose published by […]

Crazy Days and Nights “gossip” author exposed

Update November 2020: “Enty” appears to have sent legal threats to Google and got the below discussion deleted from Reddit, along with getting this page at least temporarily removed from Google search results, thus proving that we have the right guy. Update October 2020: See discussions on Tumblr and Reddit and PurseForum Hucksters can exclusively […]

Jaime Juanillo (BLM “Racism” Victim) Exposed

Update August 2020: Users on Free Republic have discovered that Juanillo shares a home address with Mr. David A Crowther in Guerneville, California, lending even more credence to Alexander’s claim that she did not recognize him in this neighborhood. Update June 13, 2020: Despite Juanillo not being black (yet apparently trying to pose as black), […]

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