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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


For whatever reason, Matt Mullenweg chose Samuel to administer the website despite (because) him being a sadistic man-child who picks petty fights with volunteers contributors to the WordPress project. It would seem Matt needed a reliable "yes man" who enjoyed being a power-tripping moderator because Matt desperately tries to de-emphasize that is 100% controlled by and favors Automattic, despite it being a legally separate non-profit entity that solicits donations from the public. Besides helping Matt to maintain this illegal tax shelter in the name of open-source software, when in fact it is just a money laundering front for Automattic that promotes their Jetpack platform (and bans competitors like WP-SpamShield), Samuel regularly slanders and attacks developers who present the slightest challenge to decisions made by the "community" on In essence he is the chief propagandist for Automattic, and the backdoor into the WordPress Foundation for Automattic to play both sides. Samuel temporarily banned my plugins because I had a quote from Albert Einstein in the readme.txt file (his stated reason, but it was just because he wanted to keep harassing me). He later permanently banned me from after I asked to remove our plugins from their directory. This is not normal, according to their Terms any agency can ask to remove plugins at anytime, but Samuel decided to go the extra mile and ban us ==> ==> He also then had Automattic contact their Silicon Valley friends at Quora, and had them ban me from that platform also, not because I had broken any rules but because they asked for a favor from their fellow tech-bros, and sadly Quora agreed to do it. Samuel then bragged about getting me banned from Quora on some Reddit threads, and then stated (dishonestly) then I had "hacked" into his IRS tax returns and published them online (?) which is why I was banned from Complete and utter bullshit, if I had 6-figures to waste on suing Wood and Automattic for defamation and breaking their own Terms I would do it. Read More