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Jeff Brown

A.k.a. Van Bryan (ghostwriter who works at Brownstone)
Grifter, Propagandist, Spammer / Male / Center-Right

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The Bleeding Edge [email protected]

The Bleeding Edge Reader,

What would you do if your bank cancels your account?

For saying the wrong thing on social media…

Spending time with ‘subversive’ family members…

Or buying ‘prohibited’ items at the store?

Think it can’t happen here in America?

It happened to one of the most powerful men in our history…

I’m talking about Donald Trump, whose accounts — worth at least $5.1 million — were suddenly closed by a bank in Florida.

My colleague, technology expert Jeff Brown says, “It’s certainly possible for banks to shut down accounts for any of these reasons… or any other reason ‘they’ deem reasonable. If it can happen to Trump, it can happen to you, too.”

In fact, Jeff is so troubled by this “cancel culture” trend, he’s sounding the alarm for the first time ever in a brand-new presentation…

If you have more than $5,000 in an American bank account, it could be the most important message you see in 2021.

Go here to see Jeff’s warning now.


Van Bryan
Managing Editor, Brownstone Research

P.S. This issue is just a small part of a plan the global elites call “The Great Reset,” which Jeff Brown has nicknamed “The Controlled Demolition of America.”

Go here to see why.

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