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Hassel Reas

A.k.a. Hazel Reas, Sel Reas
Fraudster, Spammer / Female /

Hassel Reas is a Fraudster and Spammer who is a citizen of Philippines, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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Hassel Reas [email protected]

I hope you are having a great day! My name is Hazel Reas with InXpress, DHL’s global partner and Senior Account Manager.

I am connecting with you to check if you’ve ever considered setting up an actual DHL account that would give your company access to highly discounted rates to support your company’s international shipments?

I would be happy to share how we can help you and your customers save towards your international shipping costs.

With the savings that we can provide our clients, we help them put themselves in the best possible position to grow.

Looking forward to connecting with you!



Hassel Reas

Senior Account Manager

Let us quote you on your Airfreight and LTL Trucking!!!

image host

Office : 845.215.2260

Fax : 703.665.7438

Email : [email protected]

Web :

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One response to “Hassel Reas”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Hassel is a spammer hired by InXpress who illegally spams and harasses thousands of Americans on behalf of their company while they “look the other way”… yet another company from Utah using overseas Asians to break the law on their behalf.

    Hassel pretends to represent DHL shipping and asks people to setup an account on InXpress for easier DHL management (it’s a scam, she is in the Philippines, and InXpress is not connected with DHL whatsoever).

    Her agency Booth & Partners even bragged about her success on Facebook:

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