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Donovan Lazar

Sure, there are many solutions to your bookkeeping and accounting, you could also bathe with sandpaper but you don’t, do you?

As a “Firm of the Future”, VaroTeam manages transaction data in automated ways that evolve with today’s technology. So instead of “data minions” you have “data managers!” – Giuseppe Salamone, Co-Founder
Why Us?

Accounting-only firms generally provide services for the sole purpose of creating a tax return, not to provide information that helps you with day-to-day management and decision making. Moreover, the limited-use information they provide can cost more than twice what it would use VaroTeam.

With VaroTeam, you receive higher quality data at a lower investment. By using our services, you don’t need to bear the cost of salary and benefits to accounting staff. We also save you the opportunity cost of your own time; instead of using it to compile your financials, you can better spend it on operating your business from the top, using the top-quality information we provide you!

We don’t just explain the benefits of cutting-edge financial technology to our clients, we use them ourselves! By becoming increasingly more efficient at compiling, interpreting, and reporting data, we create more time to interact with our clients. With these partnerships, we create sustainable financial and project data structures that help you make the best-informed management decision.
Donovan Lazar
Sr. Vice President of Business Development
Cell: 786-698-7247
Visit our website

Donovan Lazar

429 LENOX AVE, Miami Beach, FL 33139

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  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Donovan illegally spams thousands of US companies trying to sell his shitty accounting services

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