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Russell Brunson noreply@marketingsecrets.com


A few months ago, I flew my FAVORITE podcast host (Andrew Warner of Mixergy) to the “Dry Bar Comedy Club” in Utah to interview me about the ClickFunnels startup story…

But, as most interviews go, you don’t start with the highlight reel… you start at the bottom, and my story started shortly after my first business crashed…

You’re going to learn about everything from my first “potato gun” funnel that got me to believe this whole “internet” thing might work for me…

To me then launching OVER 100 DIFFERENT funnels BEFORE we launched ClickFunnels!

You can watch part 1 of this exciting documentary here:

Watch Part 1 Of The “ClickFunnels Startup Story” Now >>

You’ll have a chance to hear from my beautiful wife Collette, and what she thought about this crazy journey… :)

You’re going to hear from some of my business partners, find out about the ups and the downs, the near bankruptcies and the huge successes and everything in between.

My hope is that from this, that it gives you HOPE for whatever product or service or startup you are creating right now AND give you some ideas about how you can grow your company in the future.

So take 10 minutes now and watch part #1 of this documentary here:

Watch Part 1 Of The “ClickFunnels Startup Story” Now >>

We had three major goals of this interview.

FIRST – to explain how we bootstrapped this company and got to where we are today…

SECOND – what are the things that really worked well for us…

And THIRD – which of these strategies can work for you, as the listener, inside of your own business?

Make sure you watch this today, because tomorrow I’m going to send you part two of the ClickFunnels Startup Story, where I will show you how we got “the idea” for ClickFunnels!

That email subject line will be: “CF Startup Story “THE IDEA” (Part 2 of 4)

Make sure you don’t miss it!

Thanks again,

Russell Brunson

P.S. Don’t forget… You’re just one funnel away!

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One response to “Dave Woodward”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Dave is either sending out fake “sign up” emails to random people on behalf of ClickFunnels or allowing someone to impersonate me in their system in an effort to harass me… now, why a company focused entirely on email and funnels does not require email / identity verification is beyond me, unless Dave just doesn’t care either way

    Update: despite repeat requests, Dave is still fucking spamming me non stop with ClickFunnels and Marketing Secrets bullshit

    …and interesting that yet another spammer/scammer with LDS / BYU ties

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