Behzad Bawa

A.k.a. Behzad Ahmed Bawa, Leah Bush (etc... tons of fake aliases)
Fraudster, Scammer, Spammer / Male / Far-Right

Behzad Bawa is a far-right Fraudster and Scammer and Spammer who is a citizen of Pakistan, and has been associated with the following entities as either a significant contributor, participant, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:

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== August 2021

I’m with Backbonecalls: We work with businesses like yours to help answer inbound calls (enabling you to focus on what you do best).

What type of calls can we help with?

– Customer Support
– Virtual Receptionist
– Process Orders
– Qualify Leads
– Practically anything you need

Would you be open to getting an Outsourced Answering quote? Reply here and let me know the best time/direct line to get in touch.


Roland Chupp





Email Naming Known Wyoming Association Alert: A Laramie citizen reported three sales or phishing emails with the subject lines of “Inbound call center service? Wyoming Banker’s Association,” “Wyoming Banker\’s Association – Wanting to get in touch,”  and “Wyoming Banker\’s Association – Getting in touch.” Because a known organization was mentioned, the citizen wanted others to know that these are quite likely a scam. The emails were from [email protected][email protected], and [email protected] and were all supposedly from Amiasa Telecom, ConnexaWay, and InnaCall, respectively. This same type of scam was also reported on Jan. 25, but the scammer claimed to be from Telebiz International.


pays white women to call your phone that are local accent

“Hi, this is Kelly with dial interconnect. I was calling in regards to the interest you had in business phones. I just need to verify a few things with you to get a quote sent your way. My call back number is 580-619-5999.”


This is Eddie with answer connect. I’m calling from Mike Jones email you had reply back and said you’d like to check in how we can get you on the best possible phone system for a little busy at the best possible cost. Give me a call back at your earliest convenience at 913-521-8918. Looking forward to your call and have a great day.”



“I’m reaching out in reference to the communication you recently had with Mike Jones. We just need to confirm a few pieces of information so we can get you the best possible match on a phone system, at the lowest possible price.

Feel free to give me a call back on the phone number below, or simply reply to this email with the following:

  1. How may people will be using phone system?
  2. How many phones would you need to ensure everyone can use the phone if they want?
  3. Are you currently in contract, and if yes, roughly how many months do you have left?
  4. If we are able to get you a great solution at a competitive price, would you be open to switching in the next 90 days?

Once I’ve gathered the last few pieces of information I can go ahead and have a quote headed your way.


Karen L.

Dial. Answer. Connect.



Hi there,

Wanting to ask when you might have a quick moment to talk.

Sending a quick message since I think I can help LittleBizzy cut up to 33% in overhead by switching to a best-in-class phone solution at a fraction of the cost (Takes only minutes).

Save up to $100s/year with a Phone Service that includes:

✔️ Limitless calling
✔️ World-class support
✔️ Voicemail transcription
✔️ Best-in-class uptime
✔️ Loaded with free extras

What would you say about netting significant cost reductions like numerous Nevada companies we work with like yours?

All you need to do is send me a note back with your best direct line. We’ll give you a brief call to go over your needs so we can get you headed towards effortless cost reduction.


Bob Marlin
Enterprise Sales Department
The High Quality Connection Co




Unit Level 14(B) 14(C), Main Office Tower, Financial Park Labuan Complex, Jalan Merdeka, 87000 Federal Territory of Labuan, Malaysia.
Tel : +60 87599358
Fax : +60 87599201



===[email protected]/msg166254.html

same “Melissa” name in blog post above who is spamming on articles on other sites







Elyse Pittman el***[email protected]


Hi there,

Wanted to know if your company could use help answering incoming calls during normal and/or after hours.

Our company offers Inbound Answering/Call Center services: Our agents are capable of assisting your customers as if it was you or your team on the phone. We can perform anything from Customer Service, Inbound Sales, Virtual Receptionist & More.

Would you like a quote for Inbound Answering Services? Simply reply back here and let me know how many calls you expect a month & a good number to reach you.

Looking forward to hearing back.

Elyse Pittman

FDN Call Outsourcing

If you no longer would like to receive emails, please respond “STOP.”

Elisha Brook eli***[email protected]

Hi there,

Hoping all is well.

I think I can help XXXX ycut upto 40% by migrating to an award winning, leading VoIP service. Thought to ask what might be a good number to reach.

What benefits do I get at a fraction of the cost?

✔️ Unlimited Local & US Long Distance
✔️ Unlimited texting
✔️ Smart Routing included
✔️ State-of-the-art Apps
✔️ Tons of free extras

Interested in switching like a number of other Nevada businesses?

Simply respond with a good number to connect. We’ll run over a few quick things and get you on the way to savings within a few minutes.


Elisha Brook
Business Development Consultant

If you no longer would like to receive emails, please respond “STOP”



=== spam July 2022


Meeting this week?


Coleen Harrison ha***[email protected]

Jul 12, 2022, 9:53 PM (4 days ago)

to me
Hi Jesse,
Wanting to get in touch with you:If you have a moment in the next few days, I’d like to demonstrate how we can get LittleBizzy on a better phone plan that would lower costs up to 40%.

No Hassle. No Contracts: How about a proposal for this?

Just let me know 3 times you’re free & a best line to reach you, and I’ll be in touch soon to run over how it works.


Coleen Harrison | Manager, Client Development | Arbermos

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One response to “Behzad Bawa”

  1. Jesse Nickles says:

    Behzad leads a massive gang of phone and email spammers in Pakistan, Malaysia, and the United States, on behalf of Telekom Malaysia (one of the most corrupt companies ever). He runs a “front” company in Lahore called Telebiz International, which is just a fake brand that handles all of the fraud and spamming (tons of fake employees, etc) on behalf of Telekom Malaysia.

    These fuckers spam and telemarket millions of US companies using fake brands like “Connexaphone” etc but it’s all the Pakistani spammers using fake identities, besides a few American freelancers they pay to leave voicemails (who may not even realize the crime network they are part of when they make the phone calls)…

    I have reported the spam several times to Telekom Malaysia and asked them to stop, but it just gets worse and worse. Stay the hell away from these scammers and all the VOIP and call answering services they sell… it’s all fake and you’re supporting fraudsters.

    Report all these people to the FTC, FBI, and your state’s attorney general.

    Update: April 2022, this Pakistani fucker is still spamming me using various fake Gmail accounts… Google is BY FAR the worst enabler of email spam

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