B2B Scammers (United States)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Patrick and his colleague Van Bryan write all the fake email spam and blog posts using aliases like "Jeff Brown" for their scam network over at Legacy Research Group... they have been sued by the SEC for mass consumer fraud and deceptive advertising.https://hucksters.net/person/van-bryanThese fuckers are some of the more immoral online fraudsters in America, no wonder they try to hide Read More »

Albert is a scammer "investor" from Techstars who loves hiring other Latinos to join his team of spammers... first they steal equity from innocent young companies while promising them they will all get rich (none of which seem to make it big, for some reason) and now they are pushing this bullshit 8base platform to try to feed thousands of other clueless startups into their world of bullshit.Their company continues to illegally spam me claiming I "opted in" to their content on their website which is a blatant lie... these assholes are a bunch of fraudsters, stay the hell away and report their email to their web hosts and the FTChttps://talkroute.com/got-accepted-into-techstars-turned-it-down/ Read More »

Mark and his team at Validity have two sides to their business: the "public" face dealing with email technology, and a secret black market side where they sell fraudulent Google Reviews (5 star reviews) and mass email spamming services, using a bunch of fake "front" companies like sendinbulk.com which are all based in a anonymous PO box in Seattle Washington using a non-existent LLC "Send in Bulk LLC"... these people belong in jail for years of breaking CAN SPAM ACT and several consumer fraud laws. Report to FTC and FBI! Read More »