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B2B Scammers (United States)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Jeff Wilde, who changed his name from Jeffrey Charles Ranney after he got kicked out of the California Bar Association, is yet another douchebag spammer who tried really hard to hide his identity from the internet he illegally buys mass email lists and spams the fuck out of WordPress sites and others trying to sell "translation" services which I assume he farms out to third world freelancers (zero employees on their homepage) Report this asshole to the FTC, local attorney general, and all of his web hosting and email companies Update SEpt 2022: Jeff is now trying to get this page removed from Google results Read More »

As the head of Legal as Salesforce, Todd is directly responsible for preserving the MASSIVE illegal email spam that Salesforce generates in directly violation of the CAN SPAM ACT Despite my dozen requests for Salesforce to permanently remove me from their email system, Todd and his executive team have refused to acknowledge my requests sent to their official email addresses [email protected] and [email protected] at Todd works hand-in-hand with Sarah Franklin, the marketing VP at Salesforce to develop these illegal email spam campaigns: Despite now being a publicly traded company, Salesforce continues to be one of the most dishonest scams in the history of American corporations, all the way up to their conman CEO Read More »

Michael is a absolutely dumbass from Pennsylvania who illegally buys mass email lists and spams the fuck out of thousands of businesses using fake names like "Melisa Lawrence" and what is Mike selling? FAKE REVIEWS for Trustpilot, and other consumer business profiles, breaking a slew of laws... his main domain is AYO REVIEWS but he has dozens of others he uses too Report this fraudster to the FTC and local attorney general, maybe AG in Philly will put a stop to his fraud, apparently Mike didn't learn anything after getting out of prison for his various drug charges in his previous life Read More »

David is the ultimate Christian Larper of North America - Canadian who pretends to be American - has one successful website from 2009 and now pretends to be a serial software engineer/entrepreneur - Christian virtue signaler from Azusa Pacific who hangs out in Utah, Boise, and Vegas... ... while illegally spamming the fuck out of thousands of Americans trying to get them to post "guest posts" and "backlinks" to his shitty website like its still 2003, using fake aliases like "Rob Lora" David is such a douchebag in fact, he even created a profile on GitHub just to upload photos and links to his sites, but has zero activity on the entire GitHub website Report this assholes email spam and consumer fraud to the FTC and local attorney general Read More »