Jeff Chandler fired by Matt Mullenweg from WP Tavern for allowing too many viewpoints (2019)

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I've always thought Bob's blogging efforts and websites were some of the more honest and transparent in the community. He tries hard to avoid overt bias, and tries to be honest if he has any connections to anything, etc. I was sad to hear that he tried to support Jeff Chandler after he was fired from WP Tavern by Matt Mullenweg by giving Jeff a public platform to do an interview about everything, but apparently Bob was threatened by Matt or something and deleted the interview with Jeff... I mean if this is the max level of ballsiness we have in the FOSS community no wonder there's so much fraud and bullshit. Bob: you were right the first time, don't give in to them. Was it worth it just to get another backlink from them? ==> Read More

Matt has done a complete 180 in the past half a decade of running Automattic and, via proxies, the WordPress FOSS project and website. His former optimistic "open web" platitudes about free speech and good ethics have been totally thrown out the window. The new Matt Mullenweg of the past several years: - sues and threatens dozens of people - fires good guys like Jeff Chandler from the WP Tavern for allowing diverse viewpoints on the news site - bans random plugins that he and his partner (Samuel "Otto" Wood) see as non-crony competitors like WP-Spamshield - uses the WordPress Foundation as an unethical tax shelter while pretending he's not involved - bans hundreds of users from who dare to ask the wrong questions - tries desperately to get the attention he craves in the Bay Area - cares only about "market share" and emulating the narcissism of guys like Mark Zuckerberg, his idol - etc etc A pathethic, spineless fellow whose lost all credibility and ethics at this point... for shame! Read More

Jeff was one of the last "good" people working at the Automattic / Audrey cabal, the editor in chief at WP Tavern for many years. He tried hard to report WordPress industry news in a balanced way, and supported free speech in the comments section. Sadly he was fired by Matt Mullenweg apparently for allowing "too many" viewpoints, including comments critical of Automattic. He was subsequently interviewed by Bob Dunn (BobWP) about what happened, but the interview was almost immediately deleted, apparently Bob was threatened by Matt Mullenweg or something. This is what WordPress 2.0 looks like, the 2nd decade really of Automattic. Threats, intimidation, cronyism, and scale-or-die mentality, ethics and the open web be damned. Shame on the "yes men" who know better but stick around for the money. Read More