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The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Eddie and his Singapore company "Vantage Venture" appears to be the main invesor behind Newchip Accelerator and their new parent brand ASTRALABS that apparently convinced Journey Venture Partners (Indian dudes) to join their umbrella to be more legit all around... that's nice, but why are foreigners the main people investing in an Austin Texas "startup" accelerator? Apparently because there are no investors from Texas interested in partnering with Ryan Rafols and Newchip... practically every business partner he's had in the past has cut ties with him very quickly That's fine, not everyone works well with others, but in that case YOU SHOULD NOT BE ADVISING COMPANIES especially when you have zero background in launching and managing your own companies! Apparently Eddie doesn't care, or didn't do his homework. Read More