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University Of California (Berkeley)

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Deborah is one of 2 daughters of Ellen Gunther, the sort famous hippie doctor of Berkeley that got California to legalize acupuncture after years working for University of California and the City of San Francisco, and private practice counseling, she suddenly decided to manage the Salty Cracker blog (Salt Must Flow) with her common-law husband Gary??? this seems insane, but it's true... idk where their IT skills come from, or why they are anonymous, unless they are terrified of their Berkeley neighbors finding out and/or this entire thing is a big troll of conservatives while taking their cash Read More

Lisa and her team at Salesforce refuse to remove me from their database no matter how many times I ask They directly violate the CAN SPAM ACT on a massive scale, but don't give a shit since their entire business model is built on spam and fraudulently adding thousands of users to customers CRM list regardless of if they opt-in or not (illegal) This cunt is yet another of the criminals at Salesforce who harass me daily with spam Report Salesforce to the FTC and local attorney general if you are continually harassed with spam and scam emails Read More

Alejandro is a perfect example of how the United States neoliberal system has perfected the "art" of making their sadistic authoritarians come across as goofy, stupid, clueless, just-going-with-the-flow NPCs when under the surface, they are directly responsible for all kinds of partisan corruption and mayhem. This guy is overseeing so many different corruption operations -- from the "Ministry of Truth" to assisting millions of illegal immigrants invade the US -- it's hard to keep track, but these are exactly the baby-face sort of assholes that represent time modern Democrat Party. Read More

Despite good intentions, "Heidi Beirich PhD" is the epitome of aging-boomer leftism where anything that offends her is "hate" and "extremist", thus defeating the entire purpose of promoting e.g. peace or moderation, due to her aggressive and insulting approach For example, she worked with Susan Corke to get Nick Fuentes banned from Twitter despite breaking none of their rules: This is not making the world a better place, it's just angry bitter old white women lashing out, and they get so entrenched (trapped) in this stuff with donations and careers that they are forced to keep the narrative going forever... Read More

Eric is like a high-IQ man child who never grew up, and has super secret "chat rooms" with Antifa and the Pirate Party of Germany trying to plot the overthrow of non-existent "fascist" powers... I mean how the fuck does a 50 year old anarchist geek get a job with Dominion Voting, the largest voting machine company in America... and then promise he's going to use his programming skills to ensure that Donald Trump never gets reelected again? And then he's spotted at the most suspect (corrupt) voting location during the 2020 election? This guy has shit loads of stuff that he's not telling the public... he needs to stay the hell away from any government contracts Read More

Alyssa is yet another spammer from ShopDev who illegally spams and harasses thousands of US companies selling shitty web services based in Pakistan, ShopDev founder (Ali Aziz) uses these freelancers to try and blame them for the illegal behavior instead of themselves, and to try and make it seem like they have white girls in America who run the business instead of spammers from Pakistan. Read More

Kevin and Allison Skinner have been in the consumer fraud business for several years. They previously got in hot water due to their ties with AdEx Media and Bay Harbor Marketing, which sparked hundreds of government complains re: fraud and spam. Their latest venture together is FinAuction and the same old bullshit of selling fake "leads" to financial clients. They use fake domain names and aliases to illegally spam and harass thousands of US companies. Report to FTC! Read More