SGH Warsaw School of Economics

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Greg is a full-time scam artist who pretends to be from San Francisco, but he's actually Polish and lives in Warsaw. His company Growbots is one of the worst purveyors of illegal consumer data trading and email spam in the world (despite the GDPR and CAN SPAM ACT which Greg and his company blatantly violate on a daily basis) What Greg does is a typical spam operation with the assistance of fake domains and fake email accounts with names similar to their clients (but purposefully spelled incorrectly, often this is done without the knowledge of their clients, according to former client, and then spam the living fuck out of thousands of people in Western countries trying to find "cold leads" by harassing the fuck out you daily Guaranteed that if you have any online presence, Greg's spam has arrived in your email dozens if not hundreds of times Report this motherfucker to the police in Poland and FTC in US, CMA in the UK, and European Commission and hopefully authorities prosecute this asshole soon for his massive amount of consumer fraud and harassment >>> Read More