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New York University

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Michael McMahon is the "left-wing" DA of Staten Island who secretly purchased "right-wing" Clearview AI software to collect a database of private citizens faces... a perfect example these days of how it's not really left or right anymore, just grifters and authoritarian assholes who see no problem with lording it over average people with their sadistic sense of ego and government Read More

Jackie is yet another member of the Israeli cabal Webselenese aka Kape Tech, a mafia-run internet company that buys tons of blogs and VPNs apps and then fraudulently writes reviews of their own products using fake aliases They also illegally spam the fuck out of thousands of websites using fake names and Gmail addresses trying to get you to link to their content, often using bots to scrape email addresses and write the emails Do not trust any of the content you read on their websites, and do not use any of the VPNs they own (likely spying on you) Update June 2022: months later this cunt is STILL fucking harasasing me using fake names like "Angela" Read More

Cecilia and Jeremy (her husband?) create dozens of bullshit health products and then hide their identity from their dozens of web domains while they illegally spam and harass the shit out of thousands of Americans using fake email address and PO boxes to hide their cimes Read More

Frank and his team illegally spam and harass the shit out of thousands of US companies trying to sell their junk training seminars using a ton of fake names and aliases and email addresses to hide what they are doing. Read More

Jordan and his team of spammers illegally harass and spam thousands of businesses trying to sell their junk marketing services, with many people claiming to have been fraudulently changed on their credit card for said services never rendered. Stay away from the scammers at Salesflow, the FTC needs to sue them for consumer fraud. Read More