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I had a chat with Jake on Product Hunt about why their company was allowing so many blatantly fake reviews to run wild on their website, but he dodged the question and said they are aware of (and moderate) fake reviews... which clearly is not true. I showed him several examples that were demonstrably fake, and also showed him how a few competitors of my FOSS software product were leaving anonymous negative reviews on my product's page despite never having used it before... but Jake didn't want to discuss it further.Jake then proceed to manually "remove" me from being my product's Maker, meaning that I can no longer edit the page.This hilarious passive aggression and out of control consumer fraud is why nobody should take Product Hunt seriously. Their "alternative product" listings are incredibly inaccurate because they don't allow the public to suggest alternatives, so only the products who have generated a ton of reviews or votes (e.g. paid for fake ones or to be promoted) will appear in those listings.Update: Jake has now completely shadowbanned me on Product Hunt meaning that I'm no longer able to review or comment on their website. More proof that PH is not interested whatsoever in "accurate" listings, but just in getting paid to "hype" fraudulent campaigns! Read More