Elmhurst University

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Update: Bryce got pissed that I exposed him here, so he paid his sham lawyers from Rapid Legal to threaten me... when that didn't work, he tried to hack into my Instagram account. A perfect illustration of how these bastards function... Bryce is a capital D douchebag, yet another out of hundreds of fraudsters selling illegal "leads"... he illegally buys email lists and then illegally mass-spams thousands of US companies trying to sell them more spam (leads) while using fake names and aliases of the Filipino freelancers he pays to do the fraud on his behalf, probably thinking it gives him legal protection (it does not). This dickhead also pretends he works at Forbes, and that he has 2 different "bachelor" degrees on LinkedIn... in the same field? Right When emulating douchebag spammers is considered cool, something is wrong with our society Report Bryce's consumer fraud and spam to the FTC and local authorities Read More