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While Marcy tends to overly focus on left-of-center stories over the years IMO, she's a kickass researcher with an incredible understanding of where literature, journalism, technology, hacking, and the law intersect... and more. I'm glad she's covering the Trump/Russia/Sussman/Durham saga because she's one of the most detailed and savvy bloggers able to conver such complex and twisting stories Some of her blog posts on Emptywheel can teach you more about a story then reading 50 news articles on the topic, and she does it concisely and with LINKS and references, unlike most modern journalists. If anyone wants to learn how to make a career out of being an independent blogger who loves writing and researching, and HATES low-IQ grifting and bullshit, look at Marcy and how she ditched the grifty world of "professional media outlets" after they snubbed her, and became the best completely on her own. Read More