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Tyler pays freelancers in the Philippines to illegally spam the shit out of thousands of Americans with fake "job listings" a known HR scam where these companies try to grow a massive collection of people potentially looking for certain jobs (that don't exist) until a similar job really does exist and then Tyler can refer to to that tech firm and earn his commission... Ref: Do not join Zintro or believe any of their spam/fraud... this is one of the worst types of consumer fraud IMO P.S. looks like Tyler also writes dozens of "fake" positive (anonymous) reviews of Zintro on Trustpilot since they are one of the only directories that allows anonymous reviews from random VPNs and random IP addresses PPS. they literally sell illegal "spam" services directly on their site! Read More

Direk leads the spamming fraud campaign from Philippines-based Zintro where they illegally buy mass email lists and spam the shit out of thousands of Americans pretending to have a "job offer" from them, all part of their recruitment fraud where they try to earn commission but occasionally finding someone that matches a US-based position that is offering referral commissions Stay far away from these liars, they will only sell your private information Edit: Here is Tyler, the guy who pays these Filipinos to spam for him: Read More