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I have no idea who Lukas, is (besides a German web developer with a Japanese girl/anime obession) but for whatever reason, he decided to trash talk me and my free software project SlickStack on Reddit using anon accounts, telling users to "stay away" from it due to "drama" (?) "FWIW, I'd stay away slickstack just because of the drama surrounding it's creator. He's quite vocal about the bad actors in the industry,(eg rankmath, litespeed, and so on.), but goes quite extreme and he himself is surrounded in controversies. Dunno how much of it is true though." ??? always the same story, these douchebags think they are clever and can go around shit talking, but they are never as clever as they think they are and it was easy to figure out who Lukas was buddy next time use your main account: now, I must post the obligatory public response to Lukas... why are you trashing my FOSS project? what did I ever do to you? Read More