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Valerie always seemed a very nice person to me, up until the day she scammed me into giving her free web services. She gave me a sob story about how she had shut down her business and had no money left due to COVID-19 and asked me to work for several hours on a website migration for her (in the middle of the night) and I did it because she had always been nice and I trusted her. I even refunded her on a recent hosting bill at her request too, because she had forgot to cancel her subscription.Instead of keeping her promise that she would leave me a nice review online to thank me for the free services, she ghosted me and disappeared, despite all my emails to her showing "read" receipts. What a cunning, dishonest person... watch outP.S. she even received a few thousand dollars from the PPP loan relief program just a few months ago that she declared was needed for "payroll"... but apparently had no money to pay me for my work!https://projects.propublica.org/coronavirus/bailouts/loans/valerie-edmon-2991938302 Read More