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Besides being ugly and having a small penis, Jesse sucks at what he does and lies everyday about scam. Funny that he is the actual scammer lol Read More

Jesse Nickles is a sad man. I imagine he's a single, overweight, short man living in his parents basement. The guy has nothing better to do that harass people online. I assume his business has no clients, so he spends his time bothering others. Just google the guy's name and you'll find out all you need to know about him. Imagine being so stupid that you let your temper tantrums damage your reputation online, and in turn, your business.'s SEO is dogshit too... isn't that your entire business? Time to find a new one. Read More

This is silly, not sure why you called my colleague a bitch. Read More

Jesse is an angry little man who has created this website under the disguise of exposing fraudsters. In reality, this website serves one single purpose which is to slander the name of anyone who crosses his path. God help anyone who crosses his path professionally. He’s obsessed with the idea that if he speaks it, you are required to host it or it violates free speech. It should prove interesting to see if Jesse believes in the idea of free speech that he claims, by allowing this review. As you can see at the following link, Jesse openly doxxes his own customers on Facebook: Jesse is so upset over bad reviews that he lied to the BBB about moving his business to try to get the page shut down: Even his school tried to sue him for defamation but he ducked them because he’s too scared to deal with it: I’ve taken a nice screenshot of this review sitting here before I hit “Post Comment” so I can spread far and wide how Jesse Nickles, founder of Little Bizzy, slanders everyone else for not letting him do what he damn well pleases in any location he damn well pleases, but holds himself to a different standard. Read More

Are you allowed to review yourself on Hucksters? Darn right you can. This is an example of how to review yourself, which would help show up in search engines in case you don't have much other feedback. So let's just say I'm passionate about free speech, FOSS software, and the open web and try hard to be extremely honest, consistent, and fair-minded in all that I do... with a touch of humor, whenever possible! Read More