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State of New South Wales

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John is a perfect example of a major difference between the US and the Royal Commonwealth countries... he's a tax-funded publicly-elected official in Australia and yet he sues a Youtuber for accusing him of corruption. Such a lawsuit would be tossed out immediately in the U.S. (at least, according to law it should be) since the bar for slander is incredibly high when you are a public figure, let alone a government figure. Instead, this young Youtuber Jordan Shanks is forced to edit his videos online removing his insults of John, and also pay for his legal fees too in a settlement he was financially forced to make. This is how free speech is stifled in the Commonwealth. Whether Jordan's info was accurate or not is beside the point really, esp. when his insults were so vague to begin with. Sensitive suits like John don't belong in government... it's not a bullying contest. Disputes should be handled in the public square in arguments such as these. Read More