Rank Math SEO

The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Gijo upvoted SlickStack on Product Hunt, followed me, loved my free script... I joined his Facebook group in return called WP Speed Matters and out of the blue, he found out that I criticized Rank Math SEO for embedding spyware (and sending me death threats) and he banned me from his group (mmm okay?) and told everyone in the group I was "racist" after hearing this from Johnny Nguyen (WPJohnny) who keeps repeating this because he is jealous of my Nginx skills or something... You can't make this shit up. The Rank Math SEO / Litespeed cult is real, and scary.We are at the point where sensitive egos and RACISSSMMM has invaded open source software! god help us Read More

Sridhar is yet another member of the Rank Math SEO cult from India, where they go around PASSIONATELY recommending Rank Math and trash talking anyone who criticizes the spyware it includes (or the mass amount of fraud their team commits)... because it's from India!!! And apparently some of these guys (thankfully not most) think it's their religious duty to support anything that's from India?I mean these Rank Math guys literally sent me death threats but apparently that's a positive in Sridhar's book... zero ethics, it's no surprise he also promotes the extremely bloated Oxygen page builder monstrosity Read More

Alex is a full-time scoundrel on the web. He not only leaves fake reviews of my company around the web, but also submitted illegal DMCA complaints to Google in a failed attempt to get my blog removed from search results.He has plotted with other fraudsters like Brian Jackson to run black hat link exchanges, among other unethical stunts. It's no wonder he teamed up with scammers like Rank Math SEO, who left me death threats after I exposed thousands of fraudulent reviews their SEO team had acquired on wordpress.org and Product Hunt... https://www.littlebizzy.com/directory/alex-panagisA whiny little punk who spams and lies and cheats... a warning to all. Read More

Dragos publishes dozens of blogs promoting various web hosting companies and WordPress services without any Disclosure or mentions that he is being paid by these companies to promote them. Like many other affiliate shills, he only seems to recommend products that pay him. Read More