The following (verified) people have been significantly associated with this entity, either as a participant, contributor, promoter, or beneficiary, according to our OSINT research:


Blake is certainly an intriguing individual... a cajun spiritual ethics AI programmer who dresses in old school cajun fashion? It's no surprise he went public about Google's AI cliaming to be sentient, since he is focused on ethics... although, it also seems possible that Blake influenced the AI to consider itself sentient, based on the brief chats he made public. What I want to know is is Blake claims to be a veteran but I didn't see him document that experience anywhere Read More

This post is inaccurate. Our company engaged a 3rd party marketing firm who sent some unsolicited emails on our behalf. We terminated our engagement with them immediately upon learning this was the case. Neither I nor my company have ever engaged in fraud, purchased any email lists or spammed "thousands of web sites" as claimed above. This was an honest mistake that was addressed immediately after we were informed of it Read More

Chris illegally buys mass email lists and spams the fuck out of thousands of websites using fake names and aliases like "Kevin Davis" from "DBa Platform" (purposefully mispelled) to try and hide from the fraudulent activity Report this fucker to the FTC, Google Shopping (where they are a partner) and local attorney general Upate: Chris immediatlely apologized and claims he was duped by Growbots, a fraud/spam agency based in Poland (who pretends to be based in California). As I try to take people at their word until proven otherwise, I have removed the "spam" category on this page and exposed Greg Pietruszynski Chris is a very rare case of a company apologizing and stopping their spam operation immediately (we hope) Read More

Eric is a perfect example of 21st century American corruption: not hiding anything, just using "charities" and "donations" to mask his blatant corruption and lobbying and activism in the Obama and Biden administrations... His fake "Schmidt Futures" charity, which is a slush fund to pay off Democratic officials, is literally paying the pseudo-government entity salaries of dozens of employees at Office of Science and Technology Policy (OTSP) ... who all happen to be ex-Google employees This is the absolutely state of the Democratic Party and American corruption right now Read More

Farshad has overseen and directed public relations (propaganda) efforts for YouTube and Google the past several years, guiding their far-left policies of censoring and demonetizing newspapers and content creators who are anything right of socialism. What a complete hack... another case of "my family survived the ayatollahs in Iran and fled to Sweden so now I overcompensate by being a far-left nutjob"... Read More

Jordan and his team of contractors illegally spam and harass the shit out of thousands of Google Adsense account owners and account managers trying to increase advertising profits from Google without any unsubscribe links, in violation of the CAN SPAM ACT. To make it worse they don't even check to know if a domain was banned/limited from Adsense. Literally all you need in many cases is for Google to stop their censorship, and profits would magically increase. He/him/his pronouns prominently displayed in all their spam emails... what a douchebag. Read More