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Ketki and her team illegally spam and harass thousands of companies trying to sell their junk Travelstop services == Update June 2022: Ketki is now submitting takedown requests to Google, lying and saying she contacted me and I "abused" her (totally fake story, I have never communicated with the lady before): https://www.lumendatabase.org/notices/27852689 "his webpage uses my full name, links to my linkedin and twitter, my previous workplaces, university and other personal information. I have never spoken to the owner of the website except for to request removal of my name for which he responded with abusive language. It's proving detrimental to my reputation as it shows up on the first page of Google quite high up in rankings. Please help me from this online harassment." Ketki, what did you expect when you decided to get in bed with a spam farm? Read More