Donald J. Trump for President

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Generally speaking I like Jason and think he's sincere in his activism and advocacy, but the fact that yet another non-tech conservative guy is launching yet another shitty Twitter copycat is pretty cringe, esp. right now in between the Parler fiasco and Trump's class action lawsuit... it's getting harder and harder these days to find pragmatic right-of-center figures who are not obnoxious grifters Read More

Brad collected my email address from a one time small donation at the Trump site several years ago and has since spammed the fuck out of me for the past several years non-stop from dozens of different domains and email addresses, in violation of the CAN SPAM ACT. He also sold my information to the Mustard Seed Interactive (Prosper Group aka Kurt Luidhardt) who has now begun spamming the fuck out of me as well from a variety of spammy annoying "conservative!!!" blogs. Nothing brings the reputation of Republicans as much as the low-IQ spam and patronizing bullshit that these grifters push onto American voters, with no care but their own self-promotion... Read More