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This cunt and her AT&T employees in Dallas have been spamming and harassing me for months, and REFUSE to stop they directly violate the CAN SPAM ACT And other consumer protection laws preventing selling of consumer data and REQUIRING companies to stop contacting you after you tell them to AT&T is one of the most criminal companies in the United States, and their non-stop email spam campaigns are proof of it Read More

This bitch has her employees like Steven Hodges spam and harass the shit out of me constantly despite my repeated demands them stop They illegally spam me to my personal email address that is not public (they illegally purchase email lists) and then harass me in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT Report Alicia and her colleagues to the FTC and local attorney general for their fraud and spam Read More

I have repeatedly asked these fuckers from AT&T to stop harassing me and they don't stop Steven is yet another asshole who contiues to ilegally email and harass me about joining their shitty packages in direct violation of the CAN SPAM ACT after illegally buying my email addresses from a leadgen database Update July 2022: Steven and his cunt boss Alicia are STILL EMAILING ME Read More

Jude and his team at AT&T spam and harass the shit out of thousands of business owners by illegally buying massive email lists of Americans who have already unsubscribed from various lists and continually emailing them several times each week Yet another example of a Fortune 500 company ignoring consumer protection laws like the CAN SPAM ACT in order to try and make money Is anyone really surprised though? AT&T also spies on and sells your private information! Read More