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Jaime Juanillo (BLM “Racism” Victim) Exposed

Jun 13, 2020
By Jesse Nickles

Update August 2020: Users on Free Republic have discovered that Juanillo shares a home address with Mr. David A Crowther in Guerneville, California, lending even more credence to Alexander’s claim that she did not recognize him in this neighborhood.

Update June 13, 2020: Despite Juanillo not being black (yet apparently trying to pose as black), Birchbox has caved to BLM demands anyways and “officially cut ties” with Lisa Alexander and her LAFACE skincare company.

On June 9, 2020, Jaime Juanillo posted a video to Facebook of a confrontation with a “white couple” in which he claimed to be a “person of color”. The video (like many online videos) begins abruptly after the situation had already escalated, but appears to show a white woman asking Juanillo why he was stenciling the phrase “BLACK LIVES MATTER” on a wall in San Francisco that is located in a high-end residential neighborhood.

A few days later, on June 12, 2020, Juanillo also posted the video to Twitter, as did other Black Lives Matter activists (some without credit to the original source). At the time of this writing, his original video on Twitter alone has racked up nearly 2 million views and 150 thousand “likes”, not counting other instances of the video online.

Although the woman’s behavior could be interpreted as presumptuous or even condescending, she appears to remain exceptionally calm and polite throughout the video; in contrast, Juanillo almost immediately begins making snide and aggressive comments to the couple for having dared question his actions, while refusing to say whether or not he owned the property in question.

Despite trying to frame the encounter as inherently “racist” in which bigoted (and wealthy?) white people had abused and threatened an innocent black man, Juanillo’s Facebook profile contains dozens of photos of him with almost exclusively white men from around the Bay Area, including his apparent “husband” of more than 18 years who is also white. According to his profile on Xtube, a pornography video database, he also appears to be particularly interested in “throat fucking” videos that involve chubby white men performing oral sex acts.

As for Juanillo, he is an ethnic Filipino man, not black, however he never once corrected any BLM activists who joined in distributing his story online while accosting the white woman (Lisa Alexander) on social media and via email, leaving fake disparaging reviews of her business on Yelp and Facebook, and demanding she be fired from her role as CEO of her LAFACE skincare company for supposedly having endangered the life of a black man by planning to call the police in regard to what she believed was illegal vandalism. BLM activists have also been harassing Birchbox marketplace for several days, demanding they withdraw their business relationship with the skincare brand as well.

Interestingly, according to Juanillo’s own tweet from November 2019, he had recently broken up with his partner after “18 years” together (despite commenting on Facebook that he had been living at the property “since 2002”), suggesting that he had perhaps not been consistently present in the neighborhood during recent months, lending credibility to the woman’s claim that she was surprised to see him painting that property. Online sleuth Colin Dellow also captured a photo from Facebook (now deleted) that Juanillo posted of his apparent landlord (and property owner) John Newmeyer posing with the BLACK LIVES MATTER graffiti. Dellow’s research also concluded that the value of the property in the video was probably around $4-5 million dollars, meaning that Juanillo either runs an exceptionally successful dog-walking service (called Pack Heights), or he is indeed NOT the owner of the property, meaning that the lady in the video was correct.

Sprinkled in between dozens of BLM supporters’ insulting the woman’s physical appearance on Reddit are many serious questions about the video’s purpose, many of which accuse Juanillo of purposefully escalating the situation in order to cause more drama.

Juanillo is now attempting to monetize the video thru licensing fees using the service Storyful.

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