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Evan Turnage (lawyer who threatened Trump) exposed

Nov 20, 2020
By Jesse Nickles

At time of publishing, Turnage had not yet responded to request for comment.

Update July 2022: Last year during the COVID pandemic, Kirkland Law quietly passed Turnage off to U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren, whose staff apparently didn’t vet him very carefully (or simply didn’t care). In the past few days, Turnage has deleted his LinkedIn profile, and hasn’t tweeted anything on Twitter since May 2022. It looks like Turnage has once again been fired, no word on the reason yet, but we can only imagine!

Hucksters can exclusively reveal which “associate” attorney from the Kirkland & Ellis law firm in D.C. was the one that called Trump campaign lawyer Linda Kerns in Pennsylvania and left her threatening voicemails as part of a harassment campaign.

Kerns, along with co-counsel John Scott and Douglas Bryan Hughes, withdrew from representing Trump in ongoing voter fraud lawsuits in Pennsylvania because of escalating threats of harm to their families.

The attorney who committed the abuse was Evan L. Turnage who appears to have transferred from Kirkland’s Houston location to D.C. after graduating from Yale Law School. He also attended Morehouse College in Atlanta, Georgia, which ironically was awarded millions of dollars by Trump as part of his signature bill that restored permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges.

In an apparent insult to Turnage’s intelligence (which frankly, is quite possibly accurate), Kirkland managing attorneys excused the behavior by saying that the associate had no idea that his own firm was involved in the lawsuit.

Strangely, when Kerns reported the abuse to U.S. District Court Judge Matthew Brann, she declined to name the associate in question, or provide a detailed transcript of the voicemail. Now, this might indeed seem bizarre to certain onlookers, leading some like Above the Law’s Joe Patrice to accuse Kerns of simply trying to look like “a martyr”. But we figured there was probably more to the story… and there was.

You see, these days a white women simply isn’t allowed to accuse a black man of harassment, period — even if the black man is threatening to harm her dog while she’s walking alone in a public park — if she wants to remain employed, as evidenced by the Amy Cooper episode in New York; such is today’s hyper-politicized environment.

And that’s precisely how we tracked down Mr. Turnage (at least, in part).

Out of the thousands of lawyers listed on Kirkland’s homepage, there are only 2 “associates” in “D.C.” with a particular interest in “voting rights”: Evan Turnage, and Darmody Caroline. According to court filings, the harasser was male, so that eliminates Darmody.

According to his Facebook profile, Turnage is part of the Democrat Socialists of America, and a big fan of far-left politicians like Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, and especially Maxine Waters (a notoriously corrupt congresswoman from Los Angeles). His profile on says, “Evan focuses his pro bono efforts on matters involving racial justice, including immigration, expungement, and voting rights.”

Yah, you’ve seen this film before.

Now, can you imagine if the situation was reversed, and a white, male, low-level associate attorney was harassing a black woman and trying to get her to drop a case because he (unofficially) wanted her to stop investigating voter fraud so that his preferred political candidate (e.g. a far-right candidate) would win an election out of state? Surely, the managing partners of Kirkland & Ellis would have immediately fired the employee in such a case, apologized on-the-record to opposing counsel (Kerns in this case) and assured the Court that the employee did not represent the values of their firm and had clearly crossed the line of professional and acceptable conduct.

Which is exactly why we figured this associate had to be from a “protected” minority group, as both sides were too afraid to name or shame him, despite being a young and foolish associate at a massively large firm. Because what type of person is “smart” enough to get into Yale Law School, but “stupid” enough to risk his entire career by harassing random lawyers that he doesn’t like for political reasons (while his young baby is literally crying in the background, like some scene out of The Wire)? Only someone who knows they won’t ever be fired…

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