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Trans “Hacker” Donk Enby Exposed

Apr 5, 2021
By Jesse Nickles

Hucksters can reveal some exclusive details about the Parler “hacker” known as @donk_enby that have never been published before, however during our research we realized that Joey Camp had already discovered her name a few days before us.

Donk Enby, who’s following on Twitter has exploded in recent months, is a Polish citizen named Tomasz Jan G√≥ralczyk.

He previously had released an Android app called Nori used for image management, which was shared on the /r/ploungeafterdark subreddit, which is dedicated to NSFW fans of the My Little Pony brand (many of the members have a kinky or sexual obsession with the ponies, and are encouraged to share “pony porn” that depicts artwork of ponies performing sexual acts). On a separate Reddit thread, Goralczyk publicly chimed in to suggest that Reddit users use the “F-Droid” build so that they can avoid the adult image filter required by Google’s Play Store, but it’s unclear who was behind marketing the app to the “bronies” community on the same exact day. (Also, yes, apparently depicting bestiality using children’s cartoons is allowed on Reddit, but being politically conservative is not.)

Note: the term “donk” is slang referring to a large (e.g. donkey) penis, and/or anal sex acts.

He has spent most of the last several years living in Vienna, Austria, apparently involved in the Metalab hackerspace there, where it appears he met Kevin Wondratsch … the two of them along with @MacLemon helped create, a Mastodon node based out of Vienna that is disconnected from the Matrix network “for privacy and performance reasons” (quoted).

Although Donk’s scraping of was extensively covered by American media, the truth is that it probably wasn’t illegal per se. Indeed, if the tech folks at Parler were half-competent (they weren’t) then most of the data would have been “boring”.

The striking thing about Goralczyk is that he previously claimed to be a vocal proponent of “free speech” absolutism. At some point, it seems he moved farther “left” in his beliefs (and/or perhaps out of boredom) began assisting Antifa’s efforts in the United States and beyond, which eventually lead to him targeting millions of Parler users in an effort to undermine their own speech.

He also appears to be very talented in a variety of computer programming areas including APIs, reverse engineering, security testing, content scraping, and popular languages like Java, Node.js, Python, and more.

He has repeatedly claimed in the past to have no “higher education” background or college degrees whatsoever, but we found evidence he attended in the United Kingdom, and even ran a business called Appflame out of the student housing there, which is when he released the Nori app for Android. However, short-term attendance at foreign universities is common in Europe, so it’s possible this was just a one-time course or seasonal/extension term; that said, we also discovered that he appears to have been there long enough to have assisted the university with their website, even implementing his open source project Tamed-Json into their hospitality homepage.

Here’s to hoping he re-embraces his prior defense of free speech and open source software, and uses his skills to make the internet more useful instead of chasing the 15 minutes of fame that political attacks bring him on Twitter.

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